The Storyteller, the first of The Tavern's new occupants, is an eccentric Bard who tells of places unknown in great personal detail. With his lute the Storyteller is able to enchant the dungeons inside the Dominion, but how it does so is still unknown.



"This Lute plays best to the sound of dropped Ice Cavern loot."

"Aid me in slaying the bosses of Ice Cavern for a great reward."

"Enchanted dungeons ring an unfamiliar tune, does that knowledge scare you?"

"Where I come from the Frost King had a true castle, a shame really."

"This is just the opening act, a true Gauntlet will follow suit."

"The reward of these Chests are exclusive to my enchantment."

"How does it feel to live on the brink of a true Calamity?"

"The two point handle of this fork runs linear until you decide the prong."

"What would you do with my lute in your hands?"

"Towards the edges of the Plane the river flowed just as true to its end here."

"Vongrul exists in a prison of his own design, a consistent theme for sentience."

"As Guardian as is Asura, a runic embodiment of fate will soon be known.