Challenges are similar to achievements. Certain challenges have tiers that will unlock as you progress them. Your shield will level up and change colors with the more challenges you complete, you will also receive an amount of gold with each completed challenge/challenge tier.


Complete a range of challenges to level up your shield.

0-4 challenges

5-9 challenges

10-14 challenges

15-19 challenges

20-24 challenges

25-28 challenges

29 challenges


Baby Steps: Complete the Tutorial (20 gold)

Gearing Up: Have an item equipped in each equip slot (20 gold)

They Grow Up So Fast (1): Reach level 10 (20 gold)

They Grow Up So Fast (2): Reach level 20 (30 gold)

Natural Selection: Die for the first time (20 gold)


A Strange New World: Complete a Frost Cave or River Maze (20 gold)

Dungeon Crawler: Complate a Thief's Cave, Primal Marsh, Ice Cavern, and River Maze (40 gold)

Ohh, Sparkly! (1): Consume any stat gem (20 gold)

Ohh, Sparkly! (2): Consume a health gem (40 gold)

Maxing Out: Consume enough of one stat gem to max a stat (50 gold)

Event-ageous (1): Qualify for soulbound loot on Great Eagle, Crimson Lord, and Corrupted Skull (30 gold)

Event-ageous (2): Qualify for soulbound loot on Darza's Champion, Ice Guardian, and Dark Guardian (40 gold)

Event-ageous (3): Qualify for soulbound loot on Darza (50 gold)


Conquer the Void (1): Deal the killing blow to Darza (50 gold)

Conquer the Void (2): Deal the killing blow to Darza 5 times (100 gold)

Conquer the Void (3): Deal the killing blow to Darza 10 times (200 gold)

Maxed out: Completely max 6 stats on any 1 character (60 gold)

Dungeon Completion (1): Complete 50 dungeons (50 gold)

Dungeon Completion (2): Complete 250 dungeons (250 gold)

Dungeon Completion (3): Complete 1,000 dungeons (1000 gold)

Glory Hoarder (1): Amass more than 1,000 cumulative account Glory (100 gold)

Glory Hoarder (2): Amass more than 5,000 cumulative account Glory (500 gold)

Glory Hoarder (3): Amass more than 10,000 cumulative account Glory (1000 gold)

Anomaly (1): Achieve 5,000 glory on a living character (500 gold)

Anomaly (2): Achieve 10,000 glory on a living character (1000 gold)

Anomaly (3): Achieve 20,000 glory on a living character (2000 gold)

Nomad (1): Discover 100,000 tiles (100 gold)

Nomad (2): Discover 1,000,000 tiles (500 gold)

Nomad (3): Discover 10,000,000 tiles (1000 gold)


Joining a Guild

Guilds are the main way for friends to group up and play the game together. Currently, your mini-map will prioritize refreshing the location of locked players and guild members so that you always know where they are. It costs 1000 Glory to create a guild, but guilds are free to join, you just have to receive an invite from an Officer or higher ranked guild member. The current maximum amount of members for a guild is 30.

The Guild Hall

Being in a guild comes with the benefit of being able to go into the Guild Hall. The Guild Hall is located on the East side of the Nexus. The Guild Hall doesn't have many functions at this point in time, but will be more lively with future updates. The Guild Hall is the most common place to open private dungeons so that random people entering can be avoided.

Guild Banners

Inside of the Guild Hall you can find two Guild Banners. You can put a Guild Banner in your inventory and bring with you for wherever you go. To use a Guild Banner, you simply double tap the Banner in your inventory and it will appear on the ground with a circle around it, this is the area the Banner will effect. The Banner can be seen by all guild members in the vicinity, and it provides a boost to all guild members that stand inside of the circle. The current banner gives everyone in the circle +10 SPD and +10 DEX.

These stats give a large boost to your DPS, and can be crucial to getting your damage in over a short period of time. There can only be one Guild Banner down at a time, and trying to set one up while another one is still running will replace the old one. Guild Banners are easy to use and are always available in the Guild Hall. 

Guild Ranks

The possible guild rankings, from lowest to highest, are:

Initiate > Member > Officer > Leader > Founder

Only players ranked Officer and above have the power to invite people to a guild, while players with the Leader rank or Founder rank can promote, demote, and kick players out of a guild.

Guild Raids

Guild Raids have been talked about, but are coming at a later date.

Leaving a Guild

Outside of the Guild Hall doors you will find a golden knight. This knight gives you the option to leave your guild. After selecting the leave guild option, a confirmation screen will appear, to make sure you are certain about leaving your guild.


Press 'CTRL+F' to search for keywords and your questions


Should I link my account to my email?

Yes, you will easily be able to recover your account if you link it to an email. Useful if you lose your device, get logged out of your Darza account or switch to a new type of device (iOS or Android).
Note: Do not share your Darza login details with other people.


How do I get Gold?

Gold can be bought with real money, collected from Daily Rewards or earned with Challenges.
Pets, Skins, Character Slots and Vault Chests are all purchasable with Gold.


How does daily Gold work? And what is the max I can get?

Every 24 hours, you can claim Gold. Each day you claim, the Gold amount you can claim for will increase by 1 Gold. The cap on how much Gold you can claim a day is 25, it will not increase past 25. Make sure you log in everyday to claim, otherwise you will lose your streak and be reset back to the beginning.


I purchased Gold but it has not shown up on my account?

At times the Gold does not get transferred to your account instantly. In a situation in which it does not arrive immediately, wait for a few hours and it should arrive. If it does not, contact Support, and Support will transfer it to you, as soon as possible.


Best way to level up?

Slowly progress through enemy areas (beach, grass, etc), and move onto a new area when you can comfortably kill all of an area's mobs. This will get you good amounts of experience, while keeping you alive and familiar with enemies.


How do I equip items?

There are 2 ways that you can equip an item, assuming that it is in your inventory. You can either double-click the item you want the equip or drag it over the appropriate slot (weapon, armor, etc).


How do I teleport?

There are two ways that you can teleport to other players, assuming that they are on the same map as you. If they are nearby or if you have them locked, you can click their name displayed on the 'players nearby sidebar' and press Teleport. Alternatively, if a player is not displayed on the sidebar you can use type '/tp [player name] or '/teleport [player name]'


How do I get a silver crown?

The silver crown is awarded to players who are on the Heroes Leaderboard, which can be found on the main menu screen. You can get on the Heroes Leaderboard by dying on a character which has a great amount of Glory.


Is it worth using gems straight away?

Once you reach level 20, examining your stats should help you come to the decision on whether you should want to keep and max the character.
Each class has unique stat averages at level 20. If you roll '-10' under the average HP, then you would need an extra 2 Health Gems to reach the optimal average first, before continuing to max out your Health stat. If you end up getting a negative HP or MP roll, killing the character off and "rolling" a fresh one might be better than using gems straight away.


How do I know if a stat is maxed?

Once a stat has reached its maximum amount, the number will be displayed in gold.


What do people mean by ‘1/8, 2/8… 8/8’?

These fractions refer to the number of stats a character has maxed, out of the eight total stats. It is usually how people compare their character's progression.


What is the optimal way to grind Glory?

The quickest way to grind Glory is to ignore every event and dungeon while farming Gods in the Godlands. Even so, clearing River Mazes and Ice Caverns, which also allow you a chance at a UT drop, do not give much less Glory.


What is reviving?

When your character dies, you may choose to bring your character back to life by pressing Revive, from the death screen or in the Graveyard menu. Reviving costs a calculated amount of Gold. Upon reviving, your Glory earned on the character will be reset to 20. Characters above level 20 may only be revived once.

How many guardians until Darza?

There are 4 quests which need to be completed in order to close a Dominion. The 4 quests consist of 4 Guardian enemies. Ice Guardian, Dark Guardian, Darza's Champion, and Ravana. Once all 4 have been killed, everyone in the Dominion will be transported to Darza's Domain


Which bosses drop Untiered items?

The easiest and simplest way to find out what UT items are in the game and where they drop from is to, on the main page of this Wiki, search for "UT" in the search bar, a results page will appear showing all Untiered items and what sources they drop from.


How rare are UT items?

The drop rate will not be stated publicly, however, they are extremely rare


What are Challenges and how do I get other colors for my Shield?

Challenges are like achievements, they can be completed by doing certain things in the game. As you complete more and more challenges, your Shield will change in colors. 


How much is a certain item worth?

Different items have different prices. To trade, it is important to know what you’re buying. If you don’t know the prices of the items you are selling and buying, you could get ripped off or ignored. Trading tends to be limited to higher tier equipment (Tier 8+ Weapons, Tier 4+ Abilities, Tier 7+ Armor, Tier 4+ Rings).

Choosing a Class

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Though some classes may seem more effective in some aspects of the game, there is no class which is objectively the best. Each class has given strengths and weaknesses. The class which has the highest damage output is not necessarily the best as it is balanced by taking away its survivability.  Factors which should be considered when choosing a class are, its strengths and weaknesses, how experienced you are at surviving and dodging bullet threats, and most importantly whether you intend to max this character or use it as a farming class.


The Mage is the first class you will encounter as you start your Darza’s Dominion experience. It has the longest range in the game while also being able to compete with the top damage classes, however with the price of being the most fragile and one of the slower classes. The amount of damage it does is balanced by the fact that it has low Armor and Health stats, however if you are a skilled player, mage will show to be very rewarding in every other aspect of the game.

If you are looking for a class to farm gems unmaxed, this is the perfect class to choose. The range allows you to stay outside of the Godlands mobs range while being able to take them down fairly quickly with its focused streamline damage. Mage is quite decent at doing certain events. While its fragility makes Ice Guardians and Great Eagles difficult, it can handle the rest of the events with ease and almost always reach soulbound damage. Its ability to do Darza and reach soulbound from a long range without getting into any danger is another big advantage to playing mage.

Whereas it has plenty of strengths, there is one fatal flaw, which clearly is its low survivability. Those who have a reckless playstyle would not be served well by the Mage. Mages are deficient in doing Dungeons as well as rushing to events through the Godlands and even the Highlands.



The Paladin is a melee class with the highest survivability in the game, due to its healing ability. It is capable of doing high amounts of damage while being able to heal itself as well as teammates who are nearby. A paladin which is maxed Armor is fairly difficult to die on, making it a very strong class which can serve you for a long time. You unlock this class by achieving level 20 on Mage.

Paladin is the perfect class for you if you are tired of dying by stray bullets, and want to use it to max out your other characters. Once your Paladin is 6/8, it can easily rush and finish dungeons as well as most of the events and guardians in the realm.

Given its survivability, it does have obvious weaknesses as well. It has the lowest range in the game making specific boss encounters difficult. The Darza encounter can get very difficult as you need to get fairly close to be able to dish out any damage, this can be hard due to the amount of high damage shots Darza shoots at you. The Ice Guardian can be very difficult to complete on a Paladin as well.  

There are 3 Untiered Items for the Paladin, of which 2 make quite a difference and are solutions to its weaknesses. The Giant Slayer Axe solves its range problem as it increases a Paladins range from 4.4 to 5.6. It does come with the price of a lower Rate of Fire however it is very helpful in many boss encounters. The Cape of the Godly Fortune is a versatile item. Given that it has a higher Mana cost, it is not the best cape to use when in need of a heal, however it does give a 2 second invulnerability on self. This can be used to block out huge amounts of damage and only adds to the Paladins high survivability.



The Archer is a medium ranged class with an average speed and survivability as well as decent damage, which mostly comes from its ability, the Quiver. The Quiver also allows the Archer to be able to paralyze monsters which becomes very useful in boss battles. You unlock this class by achieving level 20 on Paladin.

The Archer is a good class if you are looking for a class to farm the Godlands and the realm Events. It excels at mob control due to its piercing shots and moderate damage, and is able to take down Godlands mobs with ease.

When unmaxed, the Archer is terrible at achieving soulbound damage which can be quite frustrating. Without Quiver damage even maxed it can be difficult to get soulbound due to the fact that hitting all 3 of your shots can be fairly hard without taking excess damage and putting yourself in danger.

The Untiered Bow, the Ominous Bow, nullifies the damage problem which a Tiered Bow Archer user has. Not only does it do more damage than the Top Bow but it also has a fire rate of 165%. This bow is not essential for an archer to be powerful however it helps to a great extent.



The Assassin is a quick, medium ranged class which has the ability to go invisible for a certain amount of time. Its Ability does not only allow it to go invisible but also adds a dexterity boost which essentially is a huge boost to its damage output. It is a very versatile class and can be used in almost any situation. You unlock this class by achieving level 20 on Archer.

The assassin is a great choice for people who like to play alone or want the ability to rush at great speeds. Its Ability, the Talisman, makes it capable of quickly and efficiently farming the Godlands, Events as well as Dungeons. It is the best class to quickly finish dungeons and be able to speed up your untiered item grind. It is a great class for Darza as well, as it has the ability to go invisible and dish out huge amounts of damage.

However it is a high risk – high reward kind of class. The Assassin is a poor class to choose if you are looking for a safe class to use, as it can be easily lost due to its high speed and lack of survivability. The Talisman does make you invisible to monsters however it does not make you invincible, another player can sabotage your run and get monsters to shoot at him while standing behind you, getting you into very dangerous situations.


Wyrm Rider

The Wyrm Rider is a very high risk, high reward class, having very strong damage stats and also being the second fastest class in the game. Its ability is a Whip that links to monsters draining them of their health, while immobilizing them temporarily. You unlock this class by achieving level 20 on Assassin.

The Wyrm Rider uses a dagger for its weapon, allowing it to deal high damage very quickly, but at the expense of a safe distance while doing so. You will almost always find yourself not only reaching damage threshold on bosses, but if you can master this class in all its glory, be leading in damage among all your peers.

The Wyrm Riders ability is a projectile shot that on hit, will either slow or paralyze (UT Whip) the monsters, deal an overtime bleeding affect to said monster, and also act as a life steal for any damage you do with your dagger. This allows Wyrm Rider to not only get into the fight as a strong class, but stay in the fight with its high survival life-steal affect on enemies.

Even though Wyrm Rider is a very strong class, it does have a very low health cap, making it a risky class when not geared correctly. I would not recommend this class to any new players to the game, it's ability does not last long on weak monsters to life steal and regenerate your health.



The Juggernaut is a beefy axe wielding class, equipped with a Mask as its ability. The Juggernaut is a very strong, bursty class capable of dealing tons of damage very quickly. The Juggernaut can be unlocked by achieving 200 Glory on Paladin.

The Mask ability is a very strong asset of the Juggernaut. On use, the Mask will grant a shield of health for a short period of time, along with giving a temporary damage buff to himself, and everyone else in his radius at the expense of a percentage of his health. The Mask cooldown time is quite long, this is to prevent it from being used "generously", but if you master the timing of when to use the Mask correctly, it will serve to be a very strong asset.

The Juggernaut is the only class to NOT use mana, but rather use a percentage of health for its ability. Because of this, the Juggernaut is equipped with the highest vitality in the game, and serves very well along side healer classes.

The Juggernaut has very harsh weaknesses, as well as having the shortest attack range, and slowest speed. Juggernaut struggles to farm Godlands as effectively as other classes, and struggles in solo play.



The Apothecary is a graceful class, and is achieved by reaching 200 Glory on an Archer. The Apothecary is equipped with a bow for his weapon and a Mortar for his ability. On use, the Mortar ability throws a projectile into the air, and splashes the ground, healing everyone in its radius.

The Mortar ability is a very, VERY useful tool in not only a group setting, but in a solo-player scenario as well. If you can master the timing for this ability, Apothecary will be a very rewarding class for you.

The Apothecary has the highest wisdom and mana of any class, making its utility side very strong, but don't let this fool you, Apothecary can hold his own in the fray of battle, when used correctly. He is a very strong farming class, as well as a very strong solo class. If you find yourself playing without a crowd often, definitely consider giving the class a try.

Apothecary is quite weak in large groups, struggling to qualify for loot, and is quite slow and "squishy" against strong hitting monsters.

Stats Explained

HP (Hit Points)

Represents your health. When it reaches 0, your character dies.


MP (Magic/Mana Points)

Your mana. This is expended to use abilities. Usage depends on what class and ability item tier you are using.


SPD (Speed)

Increases the speed at which the character moves.

Speed in TPS (tiles per second) = 3 + 5 * (Stat / 75)


DEX (Dexterity)

Increases the speed at which the character attacks.

Dexterity in APS (attacks per second) = 2 + 6 * (Stat / 75)

APS if fury = Normal * 1.5


ATT (Attack)

Increases the amount of damage done by weapons. Attack does not affect ability damage.

Damage Multiplier normal = 0.5 + Stat / 50

Damage Multiplier if weak = 0.5

Damage Multiplier if empowered = Normal * 1.5


ARM (Armor)

Decreases the amount of damage taken.

1 point per 1 damage reduction, however caps at 80% of total damage, example:

80 DMG Attack against 40 ARM = 40 DMG         

80 DMG Attack against 64 or higher ARM = 16 DMG


WIS (Wisdom)

Increases the speed at which mana points are recovered.

MPPS (mp per second) = 1.5 + ((Stat - 15) / 50) * 5


VIT (Vitality)

Increases the speed at which hit points are recovered.

HPPS (hp per second) = 2 + ((Stat - 25) / 50) * 8

Healing adds +20 hp per second



Beyond Level 20

What is maxing?

Maxing means to reach the highest values or caps for any of the 8 different stats. Stats can be increased and maxed by consuming different colored gems. Gems increase a stat by 1 permanently, when consumed.
Health and Mana gems, however, each increase permanently by 5, when consumed.


Where do I get gems from?

Gems can drop from:
Darza's Gods, Event bosses, Dungeon bosses, Darza

Health gems can drop from Shrine of Devas bosses.
Mana gems can drop from the Harbinger and the Reaper.


How do I max?

Once you are happy with your roll, you will be looking to max your base stats, this means excluding any equipment stat bonuses. A way to find out what your base stats are is to first, unequip all of your equipment, then compare those raw/base stats with your class's stat cap totals. The number difference between your base stats and your class's stat cap totals will be the amount of gems you will need to consume.

Example: The Archer's max Attack is 75. If my Archer has a base Attack of 59, then I would need to consume 16 more Attack gems to reach max Attack.


How can I tell when a stat is maxed?

The color. A stat's text and value will change to gold when completely maxed out.


What comes after maxing?

When you get to the 6/8 total maxed stats mark, you should aim towards getting the highest tiered gear (often called Tops) or even Untiered gear (usually shortened to UT) for your chosen class.
If you also have other character slots, it would be a good idea to use your strongest character to farm for gems, towards maxing the other classes; if your character happens to die, at least you'll have a back up to play.

Getting Started

Complete the tutorial, create an in-game name and you are ready to play!

The Mage will be your starting class. The other classes can be unlocked by reaching level 20 with each previous class.
It is recommended that you unlock and try out all of the classes, to find your favorite.

When you've made your Mage, get to around level 15, then head to the Godlands (gray, stone colored tiles) to try to get better gear for your character.

If you are able to stay alive for a while once hitting level 20 and would like to advance yourself, proceed to the guide: Beyond Level 20.