Joining a Guild

Guilds are the main way for friends to group up and play the game together. Currently, your mini-map will prioritize refreshing the location of locked players and guild members so that you always know where they are. It costs 1000 Glory to create a guild, but guilds are free to join, you just have to receive an invite from an Officer or higher ranked guild member. The current maximum amount of members for a guild is 30.

The Guild Hall

Being in a guild comes with the benefit of being able to go into the Guild Hall. The Guild Hall is located on the East side of the Nexus. The Guild Hall doesn't have many functions at this point in time, but will be more lively with future updates. The Guild Hall is the most common place to open private dungeons so that random people entering can be avoided.

Guild Banners

Inside of the Guild Hall you can find two Guild Banners. You can put a Guild Banner in your inventory and bring with you for wherever you go. To use a Guild Banner, you simply double tap the Banner in your inventory and it will appear on the ground with a circle around it, this is the area the Banner will effect. The Banner can be seen by all guild members in the vicinity, and it provides a boost to all guild members that stand inside of the circle. The current banner gives everyone in the circle +10 SPD and +10 DEX.

These stats give a large boost to your DPS, and can be crucial to getting your damage in over a short period of time. There can only be one Guild Banner down at a time, and trying to set one up while another one is still running will replace the old one. Guild Banners are easy to use and are always available in the Guild Hall. 

Guild Ranks

The possible guild rankings, from lowest to highest, are:

Initiate > Member > Officer > Leader > Founder

Only players ranked Officer and above have the power to invite people to a guild, while players with the Leader rank or Founder rank can promote, demote, and kick players out of a guild.

Guild Raids

Guild Raids have been talked about, but are coming at a later date.

Leaving a Guild

Outside of the Guild Hall doors you will find a golden knight. This knight gives you the option to leave your guild. After selecting the leave guild option, a confirmation screen will appear, to make sure you are certain about leaving your guild.