Ice Guardian

Ice Guard.png

HP: 120,000
Armor: 60
EXP: 250

White Ball.png

White Ball
Damage: 250 (Pierces All)

Ice Wave.png

Ice Wave
Damage: 120 (Pierces)

Ice Shard.png

Ice Shard
Damage: 120 (Pierces)

Purple Star.png

Purple Star
Damage: 60
Status Effect: Paralyze (0.5sec)


Speed Gem
Dexterity Gem
Attack Gem
Armor Gem
Wisdom Gem
Vitality Gem
Tier 9 Weapons
Tier 5 Abilities
Tier 8 Armor
Robe of the Water Beast (UT)


Ice BAt

Ice Bat.png

HP: 500
Armor: 0
EXP: 80

Ice Shard.png

Ice Shard
Damage: 30
Slow: Slow (0.6sec)


Health Potion