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Should I link my account to my email?

Yes, you will easily be able to recover your account if you link it to an email. Useful if you lose your device, get logged out of your Darza account or switch to a new type of device (iOS or Android).
Note: Do not share your Darza login details with other people.


How do I get Gold?

Gold can be bought with real money, collected from Daily Rewards or earned with Challenges.
Pets, Skins, Character Slots and Vault Chests are all purchasable with Gold.


How does daily Gold work? And what is the max I can get?

Every 24 hours, you can claim Gold. Each day you claim, the Gold amount you can claim for will increase by 1 Gold. The cap on how much Gold you can claim a day is 25, it will not increase past 25. Make sure you log in everyday to claim, otherwise you will lose your streak and be reset back to the beginning.


I purchased Gold but it has not shown up on my account?

At times the Gold does not get transferred to your account instantly. In a situation in which it does not arrive immediately, wait for a few hours and it should arrive. If it does not, contact Support, and Support will transfer it to you, as soon as possible.


Best way to level up?

Slowly progress through enemy areas (beach, grass, etc), and move onto a new area when you can comfortably kill all of an area's mobs. This will get you good amounts of experience, while keeping you alive and familiar with enemies.


How do I equip items?

There are 2 ways that you can equip an item, assuming that it is in your inventory. You can either double-click the item you want the equip or drag it over the appropriate slot (weapon, armor, etc).


How do I teleport?

There are two ways that you can teleport to other players, assuming that they are on the same map as you. If they are nearby or if you have them locked, you can click their name displayed on the 'players nearby sidebar' and press Teleport. Alternatively, if a player is not displayed on the sidebar you can use type '/tp [player name] or '/teleport [player name]'


How do I get a silver crown?

The silver crown is awarded to players who are on the Heroes Leaderboard, which can be found on the main menu screen. You can get on the Heroes Leaderboard by dying on a character which has a great amount of Glory.


Is it worth using gems straight away?

Once you reach level 20, examining your stats should help you come to the decision on whether you should want to keep and max the character.
Each class has unique stat averages at level 20. If you roll '-10' under the average HP, then you would need an extra 2 Health Gems to reach the optimal average first, before continuing to max out your Health stat. If you end up getting a negative HP or MP roll, killing the character off and "rolling" a fresh one might be better than using gems straight away.


How do I know if a stat is maxed?

Once a stat has reached its maximum amount, the number will be displayed in gold.


What do people mean by ‘1/8, 2/8… 8/8’?

These fractions refer to the number of stats a character has maxed, out of the eight total stats. It is usually how people compare their character's progression.


What is the optimal way to grind Glory?

The quickest way to grind Glory is to ignore every event and dungeon while farming Gods in the Godlands. Even so, clearing River Mazes and Ice Caverns, which also allow you a chance at a UT drop, do not give much less Glory.


What is reviving?

When your character dies, you may choose to bring your character back to life by pressing Revive, from the death screen or in the Graveyard menu. Reviving costs a calculated amount of Gold. Upon reviving, your Glory earned on the character will be reset to 20. Characters above level 20 may only be revived once.

How many guardians until Darza?

There are 4 quests which need to be completed in order to close a Dominion. The 4 quests consist of 4 Guardian enemies. Ice Guardian, Dark Guardian, Darza's Champion, and Ravana. Once all 4 have been killed, everyone in the Dominion will be transported to Darza's Domain


Which bosses drop Untiered items?

The easiest and simplest way to find out what UT items are in the game and where they drop from is to, on the main page of this Wiki, search for "UT" in the search bar, a results page will appear showing all Untiered items and what sources they drop from.


How rare are UT items?

The drop rate will not be stated publicly, however, they are extremely rare


What are Challenges and how do I get other colors for my Shield?

Challenges are like achievements, they can be completed by doing certain things in the game. As you complete more and more challenges, your Shield will change in colors. 


How much is a certain item worth?

Different items have different prices. To trade, it is important to know what you’re buying. If you don’t know the prices of the items you are selling and buying, you could get ripped off or ignored. Trading tends to be limited to higher tier equipment (Tier 8+ Weapons, Tier 4+ Abilities, Tier 7+ Armor, Tier 4+ Rings).